7 Mindset Principles For The Christian Entrepreneur

March 15, 2021 Priscilla Shumba Season 2 Episode 23
7 Mindset Principles For The Christian Entrepreneur
Show Notes

Jesus Christ is Chairman of the Board of your company, if you are a Christian!  Are you following His business plan?

This conversation dives into the heart of Christian Entrepreneurship. What to consider in nurturing a  mindset for creating business success in a way that gives glory to God?  

 Mark Johnson is the founder of StudentLoans RX and he has over 30 years experience as a wealth advisor. In 2013, after struggling for four years to start his own wealth management business, God provided Mark with a new business idea that has transformed his business,  strengthened His faith and has allowed him to serve many people. Mark is the founder of StudentLoansRx a financial planning business that helps healthcare professionals with large student loan balances create financial plans to tackle their student loan debt in the most efficient manner. 

Mark believes that Christian entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to create businesses that really serve as ministries and opportunities to bring glory to God.  Mark and his wife Lisa, a nurse, have five children.

Mark shares from his experience and the lessons he learned mostly the hard way  to help YOU, the early entrepreneur get started in the right direction  for the pursuit of business success.

Mark's top picks for the 'Leaders Are Readers Series':
How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Doing Business By The Good Book: 52 Lessons On Success Straight From The Bible by David L. Steward
How To Prosper In Business Without Sacrificing Integrity By Rick Boxx

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