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"Profit Comes First" with Small Business Profit Expert Rocky Lalvani

April 20, 2021 Rocky Lalvani Season 2
ReinventingPerspectives Podcast
"Profit Comes First" with Small Business Profit Expert Rocky Lalvani
Show Notes

Profit Answer Man, Rocky Lalvani works with  small business owners to bring  some sanity back into their business finances.  He uses this catchy phrase, "Top line is vanity. Bottom line is sanity. Cash is King." to bring the focus to what really matters in business: PROFIT FIRST.

Breaking down the method championed by visionary Mike Michalowicz, Rocky shows how business owners can begin to take steps that will allow them to build wealth and have a business that is ready to weather the storms of life.

How much is 1 penny compounded daily for 30 days?
Are you ready for this answer, I wasn't : $5,368,709.12
Rocky shares how the right steps taken consistently is the only way to financial success for the majority of business owners. Have a listen.

Profit First: Transform Your Business From A Cash-Eating Monster to a Money Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz 

Rocky's top pick for the Leaders Are Readers series:
Business Made Simple: 60 Days to Master Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Execution, Management, Personal Productivity and More. by Donald Miller

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