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Reinventing Perspectives Podcast

Priscilla Shumba

Reinventing Perspectives Podcast is the coffee (or tea) table for entrepreneurs that know that there is a visionary business leader inside of them. Expect to hear from brilliant entrepreneurs and executives from all corners of the globe; and to take a deep dive into best-selling books for some gold coin entrepreneur moves with your host, Priscilla Shumba. Faith, Mindset, and Business are the heartbeat of this show. These are conversations to help you believe what you see in your mind's vision is possible. Get to understand that deep inside, you have been equipped to accomplish your calling. And provide biz-ed for your business acumen to remain sharp enough for a competitive market. Our motto: If you need it, we will talk about it! Join our tribe by subscribing and please leave us a review. For more information check out our website at
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